Kelly Bontrager

Kelly is a mother of 4 girls and been married to her husband Scott for 15 years. Scott and Kelly began to experience a nudge and growing passion for orphaned children in Africa in their first year of marriage after traveling to Tanzania. Kelly was studying to be a registered nurse and did a month of community based health care teaching among mothers and children in small Tanzanian villages. Over the past ten years her eyes and heart have been opened to the plight of orphans as she has spent time in 3 other African countries focusing on orphan care. As this journey has wrecked her heart and dramatically transformed her life, Kelly and her husband opened their lives up to adopt their two youngest from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kelly is dedicated to advocate for the children of Africa through empowering them to be a catalyst for positive life change in their own countries. She has seen how transformation can happen emotionally, spiritually, and physically in the life of an orphan when they can catch a glimpse of hope for a brighter future. The will and spirit of the African people to persevere and overcome adversities amidst poverty and hardship has been a life altering inspiration to her. She is humbled to walk alongside Jabu Africa to partake in efforts to bring about life change and hope for the African people.

Administrators, parents, and take a look here even your colleagues may question exactly how students are learning.

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