A note of gratitude from our friend, Rody

I have just received word that JabuAfrica has awarded the Kapanga Children’s Nutrition Program a grant of
$10,000!  On behalf of the team at Our Family In Africa, our sponsoring agency and the hundreds of families that will
be given new hope for their children in Musamba Village in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

To all the supporters of Jabu Africa I want to say that rarely does one get an opportunity to save the lives of a new
generation of children while laying the foundation for change in one of the world’s most beautiful and desperate of places.
This astonishingly generous gift lays a foundation for a future that simply would not have been possible without it.

Your gift will provide for an entire year, the supplies needed to make the super food for 192 children, moving them from severe malnutrition to health, maintain the equipment to produce it and pay the salaries of the 8 person team who make and administer the nutritional supplement.

I invite you to allow yourself the grace to imagine one mother, one father watching their sick child regain their
smile, their laugh, the light in their eyes!  Now multiply 192 times!   Jewish theologian/writer/humanitarian and prophet Eli Wiesel once said, “saving one child is like saving the whole world.”

Your generosity is so powerful and



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