Vision Statement

JabuAfrica works as a hub for our benefactors allowing them to develop an understanding of a broader network of initiatives working in Africa. We are all bombarded every day with information about another worthy NGO doing good work. It’s often hard to choose. JabuAfrica is doing something different. We are bringing grassroot initiatives and people together in one place. JabuAfrica allows our benefactors to learn about and engage with several initiatives working in Africa. All of these initiatives are accomplishing their missions by empowering communities toward self-sustainability and healthy growth.

JabuAfrica takes a comprehensive approach to empowering children and their families in Africa. It is widely known that simply giving aid to people in need will not bring about long term change in a community and definitely not bring lasting change to a country. We understand that a starving child cannot be expected to learn in school, but must be fed first. We understand that a child that is given a ball and able to run and learn and play with others is more likely to engage in solving the problems afflicting his community. We understand that babies need loving care and often are abandoned due to lack of resources and extreme poverty—those that care for babies unexpectedly often have expenses that go beyond their annual budgets. With each initiative we promote short term, mid-term and long term success by providing resources that enable the next step forward. We observe on sight and become the window of these initiatives allowing others to see in and come alongside their work.

We believe preservation of first families, education, health, and community sustainability are the keys to breaking the cycle of poverty. Each initiative we work with supports the local leadership by coming alongside the African men and women serving and guiding their communities.

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