Sarah Castor, Executive Director

I am a passionate person…in the best and worst ways. I love so many things and sometimes just don’t understand why someone else can’t love them too! I love riding horses, music, sports and reading. I also have a deep love for Africa–I respect all the dichotomies that exist there in beauty and brokenness, joy and bone-crushing sadness.

I have three sons who were all born in Africa.  My boys are amazing—full of life, strength and kindness. Being their mother is one of the greatest honors of my life and it was out of their adoption journeys that I founded JabuAfrica.

I am often asked, what the word “Jabu” means. “Jabu” is short for the Zulu word, “jabulani”, meaning “joy.” I have been to some of the most difficult places in Africa and yet the joy, perseverance, and beauty of the people there captured my heart. Even in the most difficult places…there is joy.

There is a Congolese proverb that says, “You can outrun what chases you but not what is inside you.” I think that best describes my love for Africa. For whatever reason, my heart has always been pulled there, even as a child.

It was my love of Africa that led me to adopt but it is now my deeper love and understanding that motivates me to empower families so that poverty does not determine a mother’s story, a father’s story or a child’s future.

JabuAfrica works as a partner walking alongside initiatives that empower Africans and provide the resources for leaders to rise up and lead their communities. There is no pity here. This is an investment into a positive future for all of us. This is the spirit of the African philosophy of Ubuntu—“I am because you are.”

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