Big News Coming

Besides playing referree to three small boys, ahem, I have had the incredible opportunity to be in conversation with a few amazing people who have a true heart for Africa. Currently, we are in the process of discerning what projects are the best fit for JabuAfrica. Stay tuned, I will let you know in about two weeks the specifics of our first project. Believe me, IT’S AWESOME and i am thrilled we are going to be a part of it!

We are blownaway excited by the responses we have recieved from you all! Thank you for your excitement and encouragement in this journey. Having kids I don’t make promises too often, fearful of not being able to carry through but in this case…well, I can promise you this adventure will be worth your time and sacrifice. What can you do to help? Tell your friends! Tell your kids! Make this your family project! Share JabuAfrica on Facebook! We are so excited to have you come beside us!

New york has collected data for the current school year, though they have not yet been released my hw for by the education department, which conducts extensive data checks.

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