A Word of Thanks on Election Day in the DRC

Today, on this election day in the DRC, I want to say thank you for all of those who came out last Monday to the JabuAfrica event at Triton Brewery.  I texted Sarah last Tuesday to give her my thanks for throwing such an awesome event; she seemed as excited as ever at the turnout.  So, a huge thank you to all!

A few highlights of the evening was meeting many new people, listening to the musical delights of Stasia Demos Mills and Tad Armstrong, seeing our crazy kids be involved in the event and playing, and most of all hearing the vision of the orphanage that JabuAfrica is working on in the DRC.

In turn, today is election day in the DRC.  Last night, my husband had the news on, and I asked him to call out to me if they reported on the elections in Congo while I whipped our Sunday traditional dinner:  banana pancakes.  I didn’t get a shout out, and therefore my disappointment ensued.  The lack of attention on issues in Africa from our US media is frustrating.

I ask that you lift up the people in Congo today, especially.  Reports are saying that there is violence, confusion, and anger.  It saddens my heart to think that innocent lives are being caught in the crossfire of fear.  I also pray that the person who does win the election does so honestly and more importantly, that he use all of his efforts to help the people in the DRC.

Thank you for all that you do, friends!

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