A Note from Faustin N’Tala, Waza Alliance

Hello Friends of JabuAfrica,

My name is Faustin N’Tala, also known as Coach N’Tala in greater Indianapolis, “Mwalimu” (Swahili word for teacher) or “Prof” (French word for teacher), for citizens of the Congo, or Mr. WAZA for officials in the D R Congo.

First I want to say a big THANK YOU to Sarah Castor, David and JabuAfrica for inviting me to speak at a JabuAfrica Fundraising event a few months ago and for donating a $ 1,000.00 to Waza Alliance. It is a real blessing and a way to work together to support children in the D R Congo.

With this amount, Waza Alliance will be able to renew scholarships for at least three children in the D R Congo and provide one teacher with training.

I am the Founder and President of Waza Alliance for Quality Education, a 501c3 Indianapolis based non-profit, non-governmental, non-sectarian organization. It was established by a group of Hoosiers who care about greatly enhancing the quality of life for children living in the Democratic Republic of Congo by improving the quality of their education. To do so, Waza Alliance has four programs:

1. Waza Initiative for Students Enrolment (WISE). This program aims at supporting individual children, at elementary and secondary to enroll and complete educational cycles.
2. Waza Teacher Training Seminars (WTTS) to empower teachers to be able to deliver quality lessons.
3. Waza School Management Initiative (WSMI) that enables schools to monitor and improve teacher and student performance.
4. Waza Initiative for Education Resources (WIRE), to provide students, teachers, and schools with educational resources

Waza Alliance has organized multiple teacher seminars for more than 781 participants from more than 70 schools in the cities of Lubumbashi and Kolwezi, in the Katanga province, DR Congo in the last five years

Waza Alliance has consistently supported 28 students from elementary levels in the last five years. It costs $ 300.00 to enroll a student for a year at elementary, and $ 450 for secondary.

We are working hard to send a container full of school supplies to D R Congo. These include student’s supplies, teachers’ supplies and classroom teaching aids resources.

Please, “like” us at WazaAlliance Facebook ; or visit our website at Waza-alliance.org and twitter @WazaAlliance

Example of teacher seminar:

Démographie, Mobilité des élèves, Responsabilité des Parents

Examples of remittance of school supplies:

Waza Alliance Remitting School Supplies to Makwacha Village July 2011

Remise de fournitures Classiques

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